creative toys for kids   

Creative Toys


This is a new way to create your own style.


Best Creative Toys

So, you want the best toy for your child?

Surely you're looking for something that:

  • He/She won't get bored with after a while.
  • Something that's going to actually interest him/her.
  • Has some teaching value as well.

If you don't like plastic toys, if you're not a big supporter of video games and toys inflicted by TV commercials, then you'll be interested in Put&Pull creative toys for kids, that helps develop your child's creativity and imagination.

creative toys for kids

creative toys for kids

What are the Creative Toys from Put&Pull?

The creative toys for kids, based on the new concept of connected fabric pieces. Imagine a multitude of identical squares and circles. Every piece has a slit that connects it to another piece. All you need to do is put one piece upon the other and pull the corner of the first piece through the slit of the second. That's where the name P&P comes from - Put and Pull. Read more...

creative toys for kids


Thanks to such simple technique, even a child can express creativity connecting and combining parts that are different in their shape and color. And eventually get the desired thing, which can be worn or used for it's purpose. 


P&P is the first modular textile concept that allows you to craft any kind of textile product without using glue or seams. The main objective for the crafted product to keep lasting, not fall apart and be usable for it's purpose, was the right choice of material.

My choice was faux leather and felt. These materials are firm enough and have different width. Also, there's a wide range of versions for these materials, so there's plenty to choose from. I had to take into account, that during the crafting process, the pieces may get deformed and the areas of the slits may get torn apart.

Put&Pull's Creative Toys are Craft Kits for Children.

The materials I offer with every kit have been picked by trial and error and are suited in terms of width and strength. If you want to craft a pillow or a rug, then you'll need a set of felt, but if you want to make a bag or a purse, you'll have to use faux leather. See, all the ideas of creative toys for kids.

creative toys for kids

For Kids and Grown-ups

From personal experience I know that Put&Pull's creative toys are equally interesting for kids and grown-ups. For kids of 7+ I suggest two kinds of sets with felt:

  • The first one contains small squares and is applicable for making small objects and accessories, be it a purse, a pencil box...
  • The second contains bigger squares and is good for crafting rugs and tapestry.

Each and every kit contains squares, already cut and prepared, and instructions for making a variety of essential everyday stuff.

For creative parents I've prepared kits with faux leather. They contain instructions and sheets (A4) that you will have to use to cut squares or circles. There's also a free tutorial on the site. The process of actually putting the pieces together can be shared with children.

For the most advanced of you out there I recommend adding ribbons and laces, or even add lining and make the product impossible to take apart.

I'm sure the Put&Pull Creative Toys has all it takes to stand in line with famous classic toys like: plastic - LEGO, carton - Puzzles, wood - blocks, fabric - Put&Pull. I hope you too will appreciate the potential in the P&P concept and like my products, and I hope you'll have fun creating.

Which means - opening an endless world of imagination for yourself. Create in new fashion!

I can say with confidence, that the P&P creative toys can interest kids from the age of 7 and grown-ups just the same. That's why you'll find prepared solutions for children - in a DIY kit of felt squares. Adults on the other hand can choose a Free Pattern  made of artificial leather and prepare squares or circles by themselves, and then share the process of putting the pieces together with the kids. All the kits include detailed instructions on crafting and assembling.







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