creative toys for kids   

Creative Toys


This is a new way to show your own style.


Creative Toys - DIY Kits For Kids.

What are the Creative Toys from Put&Pull?

These are creative toys for kids, based on the new concept of connected fabric pieces. The whole thing speaks for itself - put and pull. The process is so simple, that it allows even kids to easily piece together anything and afterwards disassemble it and make something new. Products crafted with this concept are wearable and usable for their purposes.

creative toys for kids

creative toys for kids

How to connect the pieces?

All of the cut out pieces have identical slits with 2 corners cut in the middle and the other 2 corners cut from the sides. The idea is in arranging them for the opposite types of cut to connect.

So, Step 1: PUT a corner of one piece (the white piece in the picture) with its middle slits to the sides on top a corner of another piece (the green piece in the picture) with its side slits to the sides.
Step 2: Insert the corner of the green piece through the slit of the white piece and PULL up until fixed in place.

The same principle works for the assembly of circle pieces or a combination of circles and squares.

                            How to connect the parts

The base shape can be a rectangle, stars, a hexagon; personally, I like the square and the circle shapes.

What fabric may be used?

The best choices for material to make the pieces are leather and felt. These materials are strong enough and different in their thickness. More over there are many substitutes for these materials, which allow us to gradually reduce the cost price of the toy and make it available to a wide range of people. If you've decided to make a rug or a pillow, you'll need felt and if you're looking to make a purse or a bag, you won't get too far without some leather or faux leather. See, all the ideas of creative toys for kids.

creative toys for kids

For whom is the creative toy intended?

I can say with confidence, that the P&P creative toys can interest kids from the age of 7 and grown-ups just the same. That's why you'll find prepared solutions for children - in a DIY kit of felt squares. Adults on the other hand can choose a DIY kit of sheets made of artificial leather and prepare squares or circles by themselves, and then share the process of putting the pieces together with the kids. All the kits include detailed instructions on crafting and assembling.




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