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 Creative Kids Toys

So, do you want the creative kids toy for your child?

I am sure, that you would prefer something, that:

  • the child won't get bored with after a while;
  • will be interesting to the child;
  • will have some educational value as well.

If you don't like plastic toys, if you don't approve video games and toys, that are sold through TV advertisement, then PUT&PULL creative kids toys are something you will surely like. It will help to develop your child's creativity and imagination.

creative toys for kids  

creative kids toys

What are PUT&PULL Creative Kids Toys all about?

Imagine a multitude of identical square and circle details. Every piece has several slots that connect it to another one. All you need to do is to put one detail upon another and pull the corner through the slot. That's where the name PUT&PULL comes from - Put and Pull. Read more...

creative toys for kids

Because of the technique's simplicity even a child can express his creativity by connecting and combining details of different shape and color. As a result you will get the useful item that can be worn or used for specific purpose.

PUT&PULL is the first modular textile concept that allows you to create textile items by connecting details without glue or stitches.

PUT&PULL's Creative Toys are Modular Kits for Children.

All of us are familiar with LEGO - popular modular toys embodied in plastic, with PUZZLES - modular toys embodied in carton and the CUBES - modular toys embodied in wood. Now is the time of textile PUT&PULL modular toys.

creative toys for kids

creative kids toys

If you became fond of idea of creating interesting textile accessories, just like me, then you can start cutting details yourself, using some of my workshops here. Also you can share this exciting creative game process with your children.

If you want to:

  • start crafting right away;
  • do not want to think about the quality of the selected material;
  • connect several items and to experiment along the way: assemble, disassemble and reassemble something new;
  • use existing tutorials for creating bag, belt and many other items

then I advise you to buy a craft kits for kids.

PUT&PULL Modular toys are Craft Kits for Kids

Craft Kits' variations



Felt Craft Kits - Big square details.

  • Quantity: 20 pieces.
  • Size of each detail: 5.91 inch (15cm)
  • Material: polyester felts
  • Color: dark green and light green

Felt Craft Kits - Small square details.

  • Quantity: 50 pieces.
  • Size of each detail: 2.36 inch (6cm)
  • Material: polyester felts
  • Color: white, pink and violet.

For whom is it intended?

Possessing the simple idea of connection, identical details and endless potential for creativity, PUT&PULL kits can be interesting, useful and informative both for small kids and for teenagers.

Kits of big square details are suitable for six years old kids. Simply connecting pieces they will get various bedside rugs and tapestries, ideal for children's room decoration.

Kits of small square details will be interesting for older children. They are applicable for creation of accessories such as tote bag, skirt, scarf, pencil case, wallet, rug, etc.

The interlocking parts of details can face outward thus giving a "frilly" look or inward - for a "quilted" look.

The kit is suitable for single pastime. Also it will become perfect project for a party and a great helper during the journey.

It is the great gift for a novice designer. It is the right choice for party designed as a night of crafting. Your friends can help in laying out the pieces and planning the pattern before connecting the details.

  • For toddlers and teenagers
  • For one person and for group
  • Creation of 3D and 2D items

For the most advanced and dedicated I propose to continue on and try adding ribbons, cords, Velcro or even make item undissembled by adding a lining.

I hope you will appreciate the full potential of PUT&PULL concept and find your own creative solutions engaging into the process of creation and deepening into an endless world of fantasy.

Create in a new way!!!



8 projects from one PUT&PULL kit 

8 Projects from one PUT&PULL kit


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