Create your style with the Put & Pull Crafts Kit for Kids!

The new concept “Put&Pull” for girls crafts is a perfect way to show your creativity.

Craft kits emphasize simple and fun activities for kids. The P&P requires no gluing, cutting, sewing or knitting.

All your child needs to know is how to put and pull square pieces.

What is Put & Pull?

PUT&PULL is the first modular textile concept that allows you to create textile items by connecting details without glue or stitches.

Craft anything your imagination can dream of from stylish belts to purses, and from clutches to tote bags and more!

What can you create?

…a stylish bag

…a beautiful skirt

…an awesome tie

…a nice pencil holder

...a gorgeous crown and a hat

…a bright doormat

…lovely clothes for your pet

…a colorful cover

…nice holiday decorations

How does it work?

Imagine a multitude of identical square and circle details. Every piece has several slots that connect it to another one.

All you need to do is to put one detail upon another and pull the corner through the slot.

Because of the technique’s simplicity, even a child can express his creativity by connecting and combining details of different shape and color.

As a result, you will get the useful item that can be worn or used for specific purpose.

Watch the videos!

Watch how you can easily create a no-sew pillow with PUT&PULL!

Watch to learn how much weight can PUT&PULL bag carry.

Even more benefits



P&P is the perfect building toy for the children. It’s the fun kit to bring along to a slumber party for a night of crafting with friends



P&P helps to develop fine motor skills, encourages creative thinking and is easy and fun to play and provides hours of open-ended play



Detailed PDF instructions on how to create 10 different products will be sent to your email address when the product is shipped

Customer Reviews

It was the coolest gift for my 7-year-old niece. She put together a pencil holder in minutes, then she changed the design 3 times till she got it perfect 😊. There is no glue and no tools needed, which means no mess! She was putting together some abstract designs, which is an awesome way to encourage creativity. This is a very cool craft set that girls enjoy playing with.

Sofia Winberg

Easy to use! Beautiful results! I got this as a gift for my niece who likes making things for herself! It came out very useful, easy to use! She made a beautiful purse for her!

Esmira Bayram

My daughter loved this toy/design kit. And I mean not like but LOVED it. I wasn’t so sure about the material at first… my girl spent good 20 minutes just touching and playing with it. I loved the creativity of it.


My 8 yr old has really enjoyed this set. We use it daily. The box includes everything you need to do the crafts. I highly recommend this craft kit of the Put&Pull brand.

Richard Crandall

Really fun way to create you own case.
My daughter use this for your Iphone case.
This is a quality product!

Dzmitry Ch

PUT&PULL Craft Kits for Kids