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Modular Toys - how it all began?


My name is Lena. Designer by vocation, I make professional stage costumes for shows and theater. Many times my job demands creative solutions and practical methods..

My daughter made me to come up with  Put&Pull modular toys. She always enjoyed helping me. That's the reason why I always thought about the task to give her so that she would be involved and feels herself part of the work.

modular toys

modular toys

The idea of creating modular toys out of textile pieces turned into a great creative solution. Since then, my daughter crafted and took apart plenty of items along with me. I was greatly surprised by the huge potential of this concept.

modular toys

Modular Toys - Educational Craft Kit

Being a mother I pay close attention to the benefits of childís development. While your child is playing and creating cute items, his or her hand-to-eye coordination is improving. It stimulates imagination and develops patience. Playing and learning at the same time with Put&Pull is a real creativity!

How to find out the size of the finished item?

Sometimes, it is important to know beforehand how many details are needed for creation of specific item. In order to answer this question it is necessary to measure sizes of the detailís internal part.

For example, we decided to create case for IPAD. It's size is 9.4 inch (24 cm) x 7 inch (18 cm). These numbers should be divided into 1.6 inch (4 cm) in case of using small squares and into 4.2 inch (10.6 cm) if you use big details. We get 6 squares in width and 5 squares in length (assuming that we use small pieces). Now we multiply 6 by 5. It means that we need 30 pieces for one side of item and the same quantity for other. As a result, the total quantity of details needed for creating of IPAD case is 60.

How strong are modular items created with PUT&PULL technique?

All craft kits are made out of thick and quite tough 100% polyester felt. This material was chosen not by accident.

It is important to remember that during crafting process there is a risk that details maybe deformed or the edges may be tousled. Synthetic felt is melting during laser cutting thus reinforcing the edges of the slots. That is why all PUT&PULL items from the craft kits are strong enough and can be used for specific purpose.

However, if you create only one row of square details and use it as a handle for the bag, there is a great possibility that it will tear. It all depends on the form of item and its usage. Here is an experiment that I have done... You can see what burden amount the weakest part of the item can withstand.


This product took the first place in the "Stuff We Love" list, published in  "Do it Yourself" magazine (summer 2012).


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8 Projects from one PUT&PULL kit


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