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Fabric Christmas decorations

The same question haunts us every year during Christmas season: How to decorate the room? How can you easy create feeling of unique holiday atmosphere? The internet is filled with ideas that require paper usage.

How to make fabric Christmas decorations?

I'd like to present you a new, original and easy solution for room decoration, using felt or faux leather. You'll need to cut out square and circle details with special slots in them. By putting them together using the Put&Pull method, you'll create balls of different size and shape.

Later you can join these balls in one garland or attach cord and turn each ball into Christmas tree ornament.

Three types of  fabric ornaments.

The first type of Fabric Christmas decorations consists of only three pieces.


Fabric Christmas decorations

Fabric Christmas decorations

For the second type of fabric Christmas decorations you will need 4 details.




fabric christmas decorations

Third type of fabric Christmas decorations is created from out of six pieces.


fabric christmas decorations

I have experience of making ornaments out of 8,12 and 18 pieces. So I encourage you to dream on and try to create something of you own :)




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Fabric Christmas decorations

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