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Leather craft ideas

How to use old leather items?  This is a workshop with variety of ideas.

In every home there is an old leather jacket or a purse. However, don't be in a hurry to throw these things away. It is possible to give them a second chance!  Do you want a tote bag, a stylish belt, a purse, a clutch or anything else? Cut out pieces from an old leather item and create your own unique stuff.

leather craft ideas 

leather craft ideas

Of course, if you're against usage of natural leather, it is possible to replace it with a substitute. For leather craft ideas you can find ready solutions made of faux leather or felt. Click here.

Pay close attention to thickness and hardness of material you cut pieces from! At least 2mm are enough for item to look neat and to serve well its purposes.



You can use the same tutorial to cut pieces from felt.

Leather craft ideas - how to cut the pieces?


  • Leather or its substitute;
  • Letter size sheets of printable self-adhesive paper;
  • Printer;
  • Scissors;
  • X-Acto knife or a razor knife.

leather craft ideas step1

To download the PDF template click here

Print out the templates for square or circle details

leather craft ideas step2 

Paste template on leather sheet (or its substitute)

leather carft ideas step3 

Cut out peaces

leather craft ideas step4 

To cut through the inner lines use your knife

leather craft ideas step5 

Peel off the paper template.

leather craft ideas step6 

leather craft ideas

Now itís the time to connect pieces and get something original. Like this...




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Leather craft idea-how to cut the pieces?


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