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No-sew pillow cover

How to make a no-sew pillow cover?

Since there's no need for sewing or using glue, even a child can make this
pillow cover. The secret of these fun-to-make DIY pillows is in the new Put&Pull concept. You'll need pieces of felt, that you can buy right here. Similar pieces you can make yourself using the free workshop here.

Because of this technique you don't have to know the final size of the pillow cover beforehand. During the connection process you will be able to enlarge or reduce the size of the pillow according to your need. Anyway, it took 98 square details to make this no-sew pillow cover.

So, let's start!


Connect squares and make a row.

how to make a no sew pillow cover

Continue on and finish connecting the edges according to PUT&PULL principle.

how to make a no sew pillow cover

How to make a no-sew pillow cover 

Your no-sew pillow cover is ready!


You got it! I'm sure your new no-sew pillow with extraordinary design will decorate any room interior.

 I got so involved into the crafting process that actually made another one, but little bit different. Can you guess what the difference is? (Hint: it's not about color or form). Do you want to find out the answer? Click here...





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How to make a no sew pillow cover?

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