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PUT & PULL Craft Concept

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Two Ways of Squares’ Interlocking


Are you looking for ways to learn new skills with an inexpensive route?


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For those of you who read my reviews, you know that I an a teacher and I try to bring many cool things ti my classroom. Some of the classes I teach has to do with fashion design. I stumbled upon this product and thought it could be something great fo my students to work with.
First, the product is packed in small package, which was great since I didn’t need a large space or energy to carry it. The student immediately started working on their designs and they got the hand of working with this material. It’s durable, and easy to work with. I enjoyed this very much.


I love it and my daughter was so excited! Even she is 3years old but it was so interesting for her too! First of all it was little not understanding for me but then when I tried I realized that it is so easy and you can create so many things! We made crown for my daughter and then skirt! It is very unusual thing! We want more and more! I recommend all my friends to do it with kids! It is interesting because you create something!


I bought this art and craft kit for my niece (8 years old) of my husband that came for the weekend. It was perfect to keep her busy especially since it comes in two packs. She could’t stop playing with it making bags, carpet for dolls etc. I recommend it as it has nice soft and gently colored part. I think it could be a great gift and for moms quality time activity.

Andrew Frost

It's very fun . I like the soft texture, but still hard enough to hold the shape .


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