8 Creative Projects From One "PUT&PULL" Craft Kit Fun arts and crafts for adults

8 Easy DIY Projects for Home from One "Put&Pull" Concept.

The deeper I was involved in the process of connection pieces together, the more I was surprised with great potential hidden in this "PUT&PULL" concept and discovered many DIY projects for various life situations.

DIY Project 1:

 In the beginning I tried to combine together pieces of different shapes. Started with cutting out circles. Here's the result:

DIY Project 2:

After that I tried to experiment with using different connection methods. You can hide the corners of square pieces and receive the variant more suitable for boys. The fewer petals there are in product’s appearance, the more brutality it gains. (of course, you have to choose proper color).

I also used additional items for my crafts:

DIY Project 3:

Here I wove the ribbon into the bag’s handle, thus giving additional firmness.

DIY Project 4:

In this bag instead of the traditional handle I used a cord. For that I have done a little hole in the middle of the detail and used it as eyelet.

DIY Project 5:

Here in order to provide easy closing I sewed Velcro to the corner of the details.

DIY Project 6:

Here I tried to draw directly on the detail’s surface. It helps the product to obtain unique appearance.

DIY Project 7:

You can use the lining or zipper in order to make the product more firm and suitable for everyday use.

DIY Project 8:

Or you can even change the position of the slot in order to get a brand new result. But that’s another story…

I hope that you will take a fancy to endless creation of cute items, and will come up with new creative project)))



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