How To Create Your Own Clothes Without Sewing?

clothes without sewing

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All of us are familiar with LEGO - popular modular toys embodied in plastic, with PUZZLES - modular toys embodied in carton and the CUBES - modular toys embodied in wood. Now is the time of textile PUT&PULL modular toys.

Have you ever met a girl who didn't like to play dress up clothes or never imagined herself a model walking on a runway or a famous designer?

Girls love dress up clothes and jewelry. I'm still smiling when I go back to my childhood memories and vividly recollect how my girlfriend and I were slipping small toy cubes into our socks to turn them into "high heels", or how we used our moms' dressing gowns, scarves and belts to create our new "fashionable" outfits.

clothes without sewing

Just today I had my daughter's girlfriend over for a play-date, and we had a competition for the most imaginative headwear. Please take a look at what we've come up with. Here are some of our exciting creations.



Well, nowadays there are plenty of online dress up games, but there are very few real dress up clothes.

pretend play

Not many parents can afford to provide their daughters with sizable wardrobes of fashionable outfits, so  Put&Pull craft is an excellent solution for satisfying our girls' appetite for dress up clothes and a true encouragement of their creativity.

Craft eBooks - Many DIY Projects From One Idea

Craft eBooks - Many DIY Projects From One Idea

Simply cut out circles and/ or squares following my pattern, using a Put&Pull concept  and their own imagination, your children can create countless outfits that would make envious the most stylish ladies on the planet. 

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