New Digital Pattern

Digital pattern + tutorial (photos and comments in step-by-step instruction) + 10 exclusive assembly instructions (Phone Case, Gift box, Pillow Cover, VEST, Bottle Holder, Cosmetic Bag, Laptop Case, RUG, Tote Bag, Hat)
PDF pattern for instant download.

No-sew! No glue!
Simply cut out circles and/ or squares following my pattern,
connect by "PUT&PULL" concept and create your own unique stuff!

For this project, you can use felt, leather and any synthetic dense materials (I used 100% polyester felt for this bag).
Pay close attention to thickness and hardness of material you cut pieces from!
I recommend using thick material at least 4 Oz (1.5 mm thick) for getting the best result.

Supplies and tools needed:

- Leather or felt;

-2 letter size sheets of printable self-adhesive paper;

- Printer;

- Scissors;

- X-Acto knife or a razor knife.

You can also easily disassemble them at any time and make something new. Use your creativity to combine different colors and shapes and create your designs.


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