Two Ways of Squares’ Interlocking

Two ways of squares’ interlocking

There are two ways of putting the pieces together. The PUT&PULL concept has a great hidden know already, that it's possible to combine different shapes and use variety of materials. It's time to discover what the ways of connecting them together are. For instance, one pillow, exactly the same size, can be made using two different ways.

How? I will demonstrate it. It's all about putting the squares together. It means that there are different ways for assembling the same item.


Seems that the difference between two crafted parts is obvious, but it's hard to describe exactly.

It's important to understand that different crafting methods grant you with more possibilities for сreativity.


  • I have the same question that Karen Barrowman asked. Which, for some reason, don’t see an answer.
    What material is used?

    Sarah Fortune
  • What material do you use? Surely , unless it is felt, the material will fray!

    Karen Borrowman

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